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Legislative Update

Successful Legislative Session

The 2017 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature was quite productive. A lot of good work was done that will benefit Alabamians for years to come.

Certainly, there are a lot of bills that did not make it all the way through the process. This will always be the case - over a thousand bills were introduced! Only so many bills can be vetted and passed in a responsible manner during a legislative session.

The Legislature fulfilled its primary constitutional duty in passing balanced budgets for the General Fund and Education Trust Fund.

The FY18 General Fund budget will:
-put 30 new state troopers on the road
-fund our Juvenile Probation Officers who were in danger of being laid off
-increase funding for the courts
-provide level funding for prisons, Medicaid, and DHR

The FY18 Education budget will:
-provide funding for 150 additional teachers
-create 122 new pre-K classrooms
-increase dual enrollment funding to over $11 million
-$3.4m uptick for transportation

Other bills that were passed include: autism insurance coverage, a Constitutional Amendment declaring Alabama a right-to-life state, religious freedom protections for faith-based adoption agencies, a measure to protect health care workers’ rights of conscience, a ban on assisted suicide, an end of judicial override, a ban on crossover voting, a bill to require civics testing, a protection of historic monuments, a measure to shorten death penalty appeals, the legalization of midwifery, a tax credit for the revitalization of historic buildings, and an update to the Alabama Jobs Act to give cities more flexibility when recruiting new businesses.

Proposals that did not pass include: the prison bill, licensing of religious daycares, permit-less pistol carry, legalization of fantasy sports, a gas tax, approval for Uber to operate statewide, a ban on the use of public funds for school referendums, and many others.

All in all, 1,030 bills were introduced. Three hundred were passed by both chambers of the Legislature and sent to the Governor.

I want you to know that I very much enjoy serving you in the Alabama Senate. This last year has certainly been a frustrating time in state government, but I am encouraged that conservatives in the Alabama Senate and House have led the way in in moving our state forward. I am proud of our work, and I am grateful for the strong leadership of Governor Kay Ivey.

Please reply to this email if you have any questions about the 2017 session, or have a constituent need. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you in Montgomery!
Clyde Chambliss, Jr.

STATE SENATOR, District 30

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